A woman who wore an engraved zipper pocket clip to a Washington D.C. bar says she didn’t expect to find one she’d be able to use to track down her wallet

Posted July 14, 2019 06:29:03The owner of a bar in Washington, D.N.C., has received a tip that an employee may have been stealing his wallet to sell on Craigslist.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, told The Washington Post that a man came into her bar a few weeks ago and offered to sell her a pocket clip that would be used to track her purse.

She was wearing the clip to track the number on her debit card when the man told her he’d find her wallet at the bar, which was at 723 E. 13th St. in Northwest Washington, she said.

The man gave her his phone number, and she texted him and asked if he could come to the bar and retrieve her wallet, she told the Post.

The man agreed and took the wallet to the restaurant.

The owner told the Washington Post he contacted police, and an officer arrived at the restaurant and spoke with the employee, who was wearing a red and gold-striped jacket and black pants.

He told the officer he’d seen the clip and he was willing to pay for the item.