‘Engraved’ knife in Swiss watch gets engraver’s signature

A watch engraved with a knife and a rose on it is on display in a Swiss watch store in the city of Lausanne.

The watch, called the “engraved watch,” has a watchmaker’s signature on the strap and the watch dial, as well as a rose in the centre of the dial.

The engravers’ names are engraved on the bracelet and in the movement.

They said the rose symbolizes the wearer’s devotion to the watch and the engraves a lot of care into the design.

It’s a special watch and I’m really happy with it, said the engravings engraven watchmaker Jean-Paul Gagnon.

Gagnon was a watch designer at a watch maker in Lausan, Switzerland, until recently.

He started engrabing watches about two years ago.

He was also a watch collector for many years and he said he loves watches.

He said that he’s also a collector of engraved watches.

“When I saw this watch, I started to think that it is not a watch I will wear,” he said.

I am not interested in making something else that I don’t love.

– Jean-Pascal Gagnont source Google Blog