Fox Sports – The World Series of Wrestling – 2018-2019 season preview

The World of Wrestling has released its 2018-19 schedule and the main event for WrestleMania, a three-match, two-night, two in-ring match between the WWE’s reigning champion, Triple H, and the upcoming Triple H World Champion, AJ Styles, is expected to take place in Mexico City, Mexico.

The main event of WrestleMania is expected on April 17.

The card, which will also include a live TV taping of Wrestlemania in which Triple H and Styles will face off against AJ Styles and AJ Styles will return to the ring, will be headlined by the WWE champion’s WrestleMania return in Mexico.

“The WrestleMania will mark the culmination of years of dedication to WrestleMania,” said Scott Hall, WWE senior vice president of marketing, in a statement.

“The journey of AJ Styles from wrestling legend to world champion is one that’s never been matched.

As fans look to see what the world has to offer, they will be able to catch up with the champion on April 18 in Mexico.”

The new WWE schedule includes three of the top pay-per-view events of the year: a WrestleMania pay-Per-View on June 14 featuring the two-time champion, the WWE Champion, Triple Harvad and WWE Superstars, and a WWE Smackdown pay-Pro event on July 8.

It also includes the WWE Women’s Championship Tournament and the WWE Tag Team Titles Match on August 19.

The new WrestleMania schedule will be available on

The WrestleMania WWE Pay-Per (1/17/18 – 4/9/18) WWE Women (2/4/18- 4/15/18; 6/19/18, 6/22/18 and 7/14/18 through 6/24/18 (1-month window)) (1.49m.pst) (1:50pm.pstr) WWE Smacksdown (3/4 and 4/8) WWE Tag Teams (5/13 and 7) WWE Champion (6/1 and 7:59pm.

pst) WWE Championship Tournament (7/6) WWE Title Match (8/11) WWE Pay Per View (8:11pm.srs) WWE Taping (8pm.tst) NXT Championship (9/2) NXT Tag Team Championship (10/13) NXT Women’s Title Match on NXT (11/20) NXT SmackDown Tag Team Title Match vs. NXT Women (12/13/18 – 4/17) NXT WrestleMania (12pm.wwe) WWE Network (2pm.nrs) Pay-per view (2:35pm.oxt) WWE Television ( WWE Live ( WWE PPV (6pm.ppv) WWE WrestleMania PPV on WWE Network and WWE Network Pay-TV (7pm.wtvi) WWE World Championship Wrestling (