‘I hope the next president will take an engraved revolver’

A woman in Pennsylvania is hoping the next presidential candidate will take a revolver engraved with a gun in her hand.

Katie Cagle was on the first day of the NRA convention on Monday when she found a framed revolver with a picture of the Clintons on it.

She said the woman had been working as a waitress for 20 years, but she has had enough of being a woman in the workplace and wanted to use the gun to protest what she believes is a patriarchal culture that holds women in low regard.

“I am hoping that the next candidate will not be one who has been around this country and has a gun, because we can do it better,” Cagle said.

“If they are that concerned about their gender, they could at least take a gun and make a statement.”

And that’s what this is all about.”‘

I just want the gun’Cagle said she hopes a woman will stand up and take the gun and use it in the right way.”

For me, it’s just one more thing to say that it’s OK for me to take my guns,” she said.

Cagle added that the NRA is an organization for women and it’s important for them to have a voice.”

They’re not alone in wanting to fight back against this patriarchal culture,” she explained.

Cagewoman is part of the group Women Against Gun Violence.

The NRA’s political action committee endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 and is paying for her campaign, but the group has yet to endorse any candidate in the 2016 election cycle.