Indian man finds his gold bracelets engraved with his own name in a small village

Posted by The Guardian on Tuesday, November 18, 2019  The Indian man has made his own gold bracelet in a village in the state of Bihar, which is renowned for its rich history and the fact that people from all over the world have come to pay their respects to it.

The man had made his bracelets with a silver alloy called “Sarnya” which he had obtained from a local goldsmith and used it to make his own bracelets.

In this manner, the man says he is “a member of a unique and precious family”.

The gold braceets were inscribed with the name “Chandana”, and are made of bronze. 

The man says that he has been honoured with this by the local community and that it is an important gesture of remembrance for the village.

He is currently gathering the bracelets to be engraved on them.

The local community has decided to mark this important moment by offering the bracelet to the man as a token of their appreciation for his efforts.