NHL decanters are all the rage: Who should buy the newest, hottest decantering set?

The NHL has released a few new decantered rolling pin sets.

The most popular of these, the $39.99-and-up “Decanter Set,” is a new set of eight pieces, featuring six decaners and a matching roll of paper, all engraved with the words “ENGRAVED CROSSWORD.”

It’s a limited run of eight, with only a few remaining to be sold, and it comes in two flavors: “Diamond” and “Pillar.”

The set will be available in a number of flavors, including gold, platinum, silver, blue, purple, and green.

The “Diamond,” for instance, is engraved with “DARK” and has a clear plastic “roll.”

The “Pilgrim” comes in silver and has three “rolls” (in this case, “PILLAR”).

The “Flip Flop” is an extra-large set that comes in three colors and comes with a “Roll of Paper” as well as a matching piece of paper.

The $39 set is also available in gold, silver and blue, with the “Flop” in gold and platinum.

The NHL has also made a number to the “Rolls” line, with three colors of each: “Pale White,” “Satin,” and “Black.”

It comes in a range of sizes, from 10″ to 17″.

The decaner sets are currently available through NHL Stores.

We’ll be sure to update you when the rest of the league’s decanners make it to store shelves.