‘Mysterious’ tombstone found in US

On a sunny, spring day in March, a man in his 40s walked into a nearby convenience store and paid for his groceries.

Inside, he found a wooden tombstone.

“It was a real neat thing,” said James Gagnon, the man who bought it, and who had it engraved.

Gagnons family has owned the business for a few years, but he’s been working on it since it opened in 2002.

“We didn’t want to just do a big stone for a big business,” he said.

It’s the first time he’s sold a tombstone, but the business is not finished.

Gignon said the business, which sells decorative stone products, is growing rapidly.

“I think the tombstone business has grown tremendously,” he told CNN.

“The people are really drawn to it.

They’re very interested in finding it.”

The tombstone is engraved with the name of a former customer.

“He was a big supporter of the business.

He liked to keep track of the items,” said Gagnont.

He said the owner wanted to make sure the tombstones were kept in good condition.

“A tombstone shouldn’t be touched.

I think it’s pretty important,” he explained.

Genson said he had heard of people who have carved tombstones in the past, but did not know of any in the United States.

“This is the first I’ve seen that has actually been done in the U.S. The first one was done in Texas.

I don’t know if they’ve done it in the States, but I’m pretty sure they have.”

The business has sold tombstones to other customers.

In 2012, a business in California made a tombstones for a man who had been stabbed by his brother.

But the business closed after the man died, and it’s unclear whether the family will continue the business in the future.

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