How to engrave the name on your own Christmas cards

You may have thought that a custom engraved Christmas card would be an easy way to make money.

However, you might want to check out this new app for the first time.

The app, called ‘Engraving’ has been downloaded over 6 million times on Google Play.

The first thing you’ll notice when you first open it is the amount of work that goes into making a customised card.

Engraving is all about the final product.

For the most part, you can customize the shape and colours of your card with a number of options, but this app is all you need to get started.

If you want to get really creative, you’ll be able to choose from over 50 different patterns that can be engraved onto the card, which will be available to you in either ink or black and white.

Each of the different types of engravers are offered in various styles, which makes it really easy to see which type suits you best.

Engraved cards are also available in different languages, so there’s a whole world of options if you want something a little different.

Engravings are typically reserved for weddings and other special occasions, and are usually the biggest money-making opportunity for card-makers.

You can also buy custom engraved cards, which you can use for things like gifts, and you can purchase the cards with the name of the card engraved on them.

These cards are usually priced at around $100 each, but some brands even offer engraved versions of cards for less.

If your family is celebrating a special occasion, you may be interested to know that you can choose from a number the card can be signed with, which is very helpful.

Engrave your name, name of your family, and date of birth on a Christmas card in your favourite font or color for a good deal.

There are so many ways to personalise your Christmas cards that there’s really no limit to what you can do with them.

If the card is a birthday card, you could get your name engraved onto it or add a quote on the back.

You could even design your own unique card if you wanted to add a little bit of personality to the holiday.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.