How to engrave your wedding bands

A small group of artists and jewelry enthusiasts in California have come up with an ingenious way to engraze wedding bands.

The technology involves drilling a hole through a piece of metal, and using laser engravers to carve the design on the metal, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The laser engravings then become permanent.

The makers of the laser engrading have dubbed it a “dremeling jewelry” tool.

According to the Times, the process can be used for both wedding bands and rings.

“We’re hoping to eventually put the laser-engraved designs into jewelry, as well,” Lisa Gomes, one of the organizers of the project, told the newspaper.

The project, which has been going for about a year, has attracted a lot of attention online, with people posting photos of the engraver’s creations.

The engrapper told the paper that the engravings are “very much inspired by a lot our friends who live and work in Japan.”

She added that she wanted to make her craft accessible to people, and that she wants to give back to her community by giving back to the Japanese community in her hometown of Fresno, California.

“This is my opportunity to bring Japanese culture to a whole new generation of people who are not even Japanese,” she said.