Brass plate engravings engraved in gold

The phrase “Jewelry is life” is etched on a brass plate that was engraved with the phrase “Life is the most precious thing.”

The engraved diamond ring was found in a rock near the village of Peknafjordur, Norway.

The inscription says “Life’s most precious gift.”

The diamond ring, which was found near Pekniafjörður, is engraved with a phrase that reads “Life was the most valuable gift.”

It is part of a collection of over 300 items from a Norwegian gem store that were bought in 2004.

A large portion of the items are believed to have been used in jewelry making, according to BBC News.

“The diamond ring is part, I think, of the larger collection that we have here,” said Nils Jørgensen, a jewelry expert who has worked in the jewelry industry for 20 years.

“There are some diamonds that were used in the early days in jewelry manufacturing in Norway.

But now we have a small collection of very beautiful diamonds that are in excellent condition.”

Jewelry store owner Kristian Johansen told Norwegian news outlet NTB that the diamond ring had been in a storage container since it was acquired by the shop.

“It’s one of our rarest gems, and there’s only so much we can find,” he said.

The owner of the jewelry store, Nils Johansen, said that the jewelry he owns is “almost as rare as gold.”

“In my opinion, there are only a handful of diamonds that you can find in the whole world that have the purity and the value of this one,” he added.