The perfect knife for every occasion

This is the perfect knife to use with any type of knife, or as a decorative accent to any outfit.

Read moreThis is a great knife for everyday use and a great choice for those who like to carry knives, as well as those who just need something to carry around. 

Read moreA quick and easy way to sharpen knives is with a small hammer or pry bar, and the P.W.M.P. is the ultimate in that.

The P.WN.

P is a precision-cut, hand-held knife that is perfect for use in a range of applications.

The sharpening mechanism makes this knife easy to sharpe and is easy to keep sharp. 

The PWN.

M-P has been crafted from a steel with a maximum edge retention of 10,000-14,000g.

The stainless steel blades are coated in a durable coating to keep them sharp for years.

The handle is made of a heavy-duty steel and comes in a wide range of colours to match any outfit, from casual to formal.

It comes in either black or silver, and comes with a metal lock. 

You can purchase a PWN-M-D with a sharpening stone for $150, or a PwnM-G-D for $200.

Read full review This is also a great alternative for those wanting a pocket knife for the home, as it comes with an easy-to-use pry and an automatic lock, making it a great tool for when the house needs a quick sharpening.