What will happen to Cricut, Inter?

Cricuts is the Italian Serie A team that won the Copa del Rey last season and the last two Champions League titles.

Inter are the next big club to be sold.

There are talks of a sale of the Italian champions, who finished the last season at the top of Serie A, but no deal has been struck yet. 

Inter, the best Italian side in Serie A and the best team in Europe, will not be sold for a long time. 

In 2016, when Juventus had a big sale, Inter bought the team.

The deal did not work out and Juventus finished last in Serie B. However, they are also going through a period of rebuilding. 

When Inter signed Gonzalo Higuain and Angel Di Maria, the squad was not as strong as the previous years. 

Now the club is at the right stage to be competitive in the new league. 

According to reports, Inter will be sold to the richest team in SerieA in the next two months. 

The news is a huge blow to Inter fans. 

Juventus, like Inter, finished last season with the worst Serie A results. 

It was the first time the Nerazzurri had lost a league game in Serie C since 2006. 

Last season, Juventus finished the season at 14th in Serie D and it is a sign that the team needs a lot of help to reach the next level. 

A sale of Juventus would be the end of the road for Inter and a massive blow to the Nerazurri fans.

They were never going to have another chance to win the league.

It is now time for Inter to go out on a high.