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Apple Watch engravers are often described as the next big thing in American design.

Now, the Apple Watch’s engraver is putting a twist on that title.

Apple is partnering with German wood engravier Andreas von Hüttenfeld, who specializes in wood-based engraved pictures.

Apple, which also has its own engraven iPhone case, released a set of Apple Watch photos on Instagram, which includes a couple of engraves on the Watch’s band and the leather band that wraps around the watch.

The photos are part of an upcoming book called “Inside the Apple iPhone.”

The engraiver was spotted by a user on Instagram on Thursday.

He captioned the post, “I had to take a picture of my Apple Watch band.

It’s a beautiful piece of wood and a really easy way to make the Apple watch look like wood.”

Apple said the images were created using its proprietary Apple Engraver.

The engraser is made from wood and has a diameter of 18.5mm, according to Apple.

The company said the watch’s leather band is a combination of two different materials.

It uses a “natural material” that is “made from natural wood” that can withstand the heat and pressure of use, Apple said.

Apple said it would be able to produce and sell the engravered Apple Watch bands for a limited time.